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Basic Nursing Assistant Training Program


Health Policies

  1. Physical Examination forms are provided for all students. A complete submission is required. Failure to submit the forms will result in dismissal from the course.
  2. Students should keep a copy of the physical examination forms for any jobs search after graduation.
  3. Students will not be allowed into the clinical area without authorization from the CTCC office.



  1. Safety procedures must be followed in all areas, especially at the clinical site. Failure to observe safety measures may result in dismissal from the course.
  2. Any accident that in work related must be reported immediately to the instructor and an accident report must be filed.
  3. In case of an emergency, the student will be transported to the nearest hospital. The student will be responsible for any fees the medical facility and ambulance service will charge.


The Basic Nurse Assistant Training is a health related course. Professional and Ethical conduct is expected at all times.

  1. Students professional performance and attitude are constantly monitored, evaluated, and will be taken into account when the final grades are given.
    1. Loitering, sleeping, assembly, the creation of any hazards or things, improper disposal of garbage, spitting of commission of any obscene of indecent act or any other disorderly conduct of property is prohibited; Profanity or abusive language is not tolerated and may be grounds for dismissal.
    2. Cheating during examinations is not acceptable. Any observed cheating will be grounds for dismissal and failure in the course.
  2. No beepers, food or drink are allowed at the lab, clinical site, or during class.
  3. Children or companions are NOT allowed in the classroom or clinical areas.
  4. Clinical Dress Code: White uniform, white shoes, white hose/socks, a wrist watch with a sweep second hand and a glass oral thermometer are required.
  5. Students are responsible for all written assignments, examinations and quizzes. ake up quizzes will not be given.

 Freedom From Discrimination:

It is the policy of Basic Nursing Assistant Training Program that no citizen of the United States or any other person within the jurisdiction thereof shall on the grounds of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual preference, age or handicaps, be excluded from the participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to the discrimination under the BNAT program or activities pertinent to the BNAT program.


Conformity With Signs and Emergency Directions

Students who are in the property of the nursing facility shall comply with all official signs. During emergencies students must comply with directives of the authorized personnel.


All schools are required to make available, at a minimum, the following disclosure information clearly and conspicuously on their 1) internet website, 2) school catalog, and 3) as an addendum to their Enrollment Agreement: 

 The number of students who were admitted in the program as of July 1 of that reporting period.

The number of additional students who were admitted in the program during the next 12 months and classified in one of the following categories: new starts, re-enrollments, and transfers into the program from other programs at the school.

The total number of students admitted in the program during the 12-month reporting period.

The number of students enrolled in the program during the 12-month reporting period who: transferred out of the program and into another program at the school, completed or graduated from a program, withdrew from the school, and are still enrolled.

The number of students enrolled in the program who were: placed in their field of study, placed in a related field, placed out of the field, not available for placement due to personal reasons, and not employed.

The number of students who took a State licensing exam or professional certification exam, if any, during the reporting period, as well as the number who passed.

The number of graduates who obtained employment in the field who did not use the school’s placement assistance during the reporting period (pending reasonable efforts to obtain this information from graduates).

The average starting salary for all school graduates employed during the reporting period (pending reasonable efforts to obtain this information from graduates).


  1. Students are expected to bring up any concerns or questions to the instructor.
  2. Should the instructor or student deem that concerns or questions are not or cannot be satisfactory handled, the Training Program Director may be noticed. He or she will meet the student and instructor together or separately.
  3. CTCC shall maintain a written record of its handling of all student complaints.
  4. Any student or employee of CTCC shall have the right to file a written complaint within one year of the alleged incident.
  5. Any student complaint shall be resolved promptly and fairly. Student shall file the report in writing and shall not be subjected to punitive action because of filing grievances.
  6. Complaints against the school may be registered with the Board of Higher Education at: Illinois Higher Board of Education-Private Business and Vocational Schools Division, 431 East Adams, 431 East Adams, 2nd Fl, Springfield, IL, 62701.  Tel. No (217)782-2251 or


  1. Students enrolled in the training program are expected to attend all scheduled classes. Unexcused absences will not be tolerated. Each student will be allowed up to two (2) absences from the class throughout the program and will be required to make-up the missed classes prior to the end of the courses.
  2. Four (4) minutes late will be listed as being tardy. Three (3) tardy marks will be weighed as one absence. Late 30 minutes or more will be considered an absence.
  3. Verbal warning will be given to the student for the absences and the instructor will do the counseling as deemed necessary.
  4. Failure for any student to meet the minimum required hours for the course would be grounds for dismissal from the program.

In case the instructor is unable to arrive on time, students will be notified by the Program Office. In the case the instructor is absent; arrangements will be made for another session.

Refund Policy

When notice of cancellation is given after midnight of the fifth business day after the date of enrolment but prior to the first day of class, all registration fees, tuition, and other charges shall be refunded to the student.

When the notice of cancellation is given after midnight of the fifth business day following acceptance but prior to the close if business on the student’s first day of class attendance, the school may retain no more than the registration fee of $20.00

When notice of cancellation is given after the student’s completion of the first day of class attendance, but prior to the student’s completion of 5% of the course in instruction, the school may retain the registration fee ($20) plus $50 tuition.

When a student has completed in excess of 5% of the course of instruction the school may retain the registration fee ($20) but shall refund an amount computed prorate by days in class plus 10% of tuition up to completion of 60% on the course.

When the student has completed in excess of 60% of the course, the school may retain the registration and the entire tuition.

Criminal Background Information

The new legislation entitled Health Care Workers requires all students to submit proof of application for a criminal background investigation. Students are required to submit this proof of application when working in a non-licensed, direct patient care position.

If the criminal background investigation reveals a conviction for one the offenses listed, the student has the right to apply for the waiver, in which circumstances and personal references are taken into consideration by the IDPH. Students will not be allowed to continue in the class until the CTCC office receives notice from the state. Conducting criminal background investigation consists of completing the Illinois Criminal Background Application Form. Students will receive a copy of their results. All information regarding investigation will remain confidential.

The following felonies will be investigated:

Murder, homicide, manslaughter, or concealment of a homicidal death. Kidnapping of child abduction Unlawful restraint of forcible detention Assault, battery or infliction of a great bodily harm Sexual assault or sexual abuse Abuse or gross neglect of an elderly or disabled person Criminal neglect of an elderly or disabled person Theft, robbery, or burglary Financial exploitation of an elderly or disabled person Criminal trespass---Arson Unlawful use of weapons or aggravated discharged of firearm Manufacture delivery or trafficking of cannabis or controlled. Convicted felon will not be accepted

Grading Scale Policy:

The Basic Nursing Training Program adapts the PASS and FAIL grading system. Students who obtained a grade of 76% and above (with the highest grade of 100%) will receive a grade "PASSED". Students with a grade below 76% will receive a grade of "FAILED".

Progress report will be discussed individually with the student by the instructor as needed. Students will be graded during midterm and final written examination. Likewise, Manual Skills evaluation will abide with the PASS and FAIL grading system.

Certificate & Transcript Policy

Certificates will be awarded when the student has:

  1. Completed at least eighty (80) hours of theory and forty (40) hours of clinical instruction.
  2. Demonstrated competence of the Department of Public Health Approved Manual Skills and passed the theory portion of the program.

Certificates will be awarded to student upon completion of the course and is free at this time.

There will be charge of $20.00 per copy request of re-issuance of certificate as well as per transcript. A written request from the student is required together with a self addressed stamped envelope. Students may call the office to arrange pick up of the certificate and/or transcript.

CTCC shall maintain permanent records suitable for transcript purposes for all students. CTCC shall not release transfer, disclose, or otherwise distribute student record or information contained within unless upon the written request of the student, except: 1) to an authorized employee or an official; 20 To a representative of the school’s nationally recognized accrediting agency; 3) To persons authorized or required to have such information by stat/ federal law or to a court order.